Can you freeze mushrooms How to do it properly

Can you freeze mushrooms?

Can you freeze mushrooms? How to freeze mushrooms brought from the store or straight from the forest? Freezing mushrooms is an ideal method for storing them, most often used in the winter season. Virtually any edible mushrooms are suitable for placing in the freezer, although some types (e.g. If you want to freeze chanterelles (chanterelles and goldeneyes), you should cook them beforehand to get rid of their specific, bitter taste. The most popular types: boletes, bay boletes, boletus mushrooms, buttermilks and chamois can be frozen immediately after picking, drying and slicing.

Preparing mushrooms for freezing

The first step is to thoroughly clean the mushrooms of leaves, grass, soil and any insects. To do this, use dry cloth or paper, rarely water, because then you have to wait until everything is well-dried. It is worth remembering that young and healthy specimens with firm flesh and solid structure are best for freezing. Mushrooms that are too moist, pitted or spongy are not suitable to be placed in the freezer, as they will immediately fall apart after defrosting.

The next step is to cut the mushrooms and check if they are not wormy or rotten. Smaller pieces are easier to portion out in bags or sealed boxes. Each bag should contain a separate piece of paper with the name of the mushrooms and the date you put them in the freezer. This will make it easier to check the shelf life. It is worth knowing that raw mushrooms can be stored for up to six months. In the case of individuals previously cooked or sautéed, the date may be longer.