Is it possible to freeze broth Freezing broth a simple method

Can you freeze broth?

Is it possible to freeze broth? Broth is undoubtedly one of the soups that very often appears on tables in Polish homes. However it happens that we prepare more of it than we need. What to do in such a situation? This raises the question whether broth can be stored in such a way that it will still be good to eat after a dozen or so days? The answer is yes! Broth can be frozen!

How to freeze broth?

The best way is to freeze the broth immediately after preparation and cooling. Pour the cooled broth into appropriate containers, close tightly and put them in the freezer. You can freeze broth in the form of broth, ready-made soup, or with the addition of. with noodles.

You can store broth in this way for up to 6 months. After this time the broth will lose its taste and nutrients, so it’s a good idea to write the date on the lid of the container so as not to miss this moment. Keep in mind that if you want to freeze a large amount of broth, it would be good to divide it into smaller portions and freeze only the amount you need, since it is out of the question to freeze a previously defrosted soup again.

What to freeze the broth in?

To be sure that the storage method is appropriate, it’s worth considering what the soup can be frozen in. To freeze broth, plastic food storage containers with tight lids or ice-cream packaging will work perfectly. Also in a ziplock bag is a good way, but not everyone will like it. An alternative may turn out to be ice cube trays if you want to make small portions or do not have a larger container or other packaging at hand. As you can see freezing broth is easy!