Is it possible to freeze oscypky The freezing of oscypky is a simple method

Can you freeze oscypek cheese??

Everybody loves to bring from Polish mountains or to buy at local fairs on different occasions, the national Polish cheese – oscypek. Can oscypki be frozen? The most important thing is to get an honestly made, natural product, which will ensure excellent taste and make it easy to store. In this case, is it possible to freeze oscypek?

Frozen oscypky

It all depends on the quality of the cheese. In the case of those prepared in a shortcut manner, i.e. by smoking substitutes, they can soak up water during freezing, swell and lose their taste. When frozen, it may also happen that the oscypek will start to crumble after taking it out of the freezer, thus losing its consistency. This does not apply to those made honestly, which are resistant to damage when frozen. This is important because you can bring a larger quantity from a trip to the mountains and not worry completely about running out of stock. Especially that the production of oscypek is seasonal, more precisely it is carried out in spring and summer.

In any case, freezing oscypek is safe only if the quality of the product is high and it has been produced using traditional methods. If you are not convinced, it’s better to simply wrap the purchased food in paper and place it on the top shelf in the fridge. They will certainly keep for more than a month, which is quite a long time. As you can see, there are different ways to store them, depending mostly on the cheese you buy and the length of storage you want. Everyone will find a suitable method to enjoy this mountain delicacy out of season and away from the halls.