Can you freeze bananas How to properly freeze bananas

Is it possible to freeze bananas?

Can bananas be frozen?? Storing bananas in the freezer is very feasible. The only important thing is to remove the peel. Its presence will prevent the bananas from being used later to prepare ice cream or smoothies.

Banana freezing – How to prepare bananas for freezing?

How to freeze bananas? Before peeling the bananas, wash them under running water. Then remove the peel by cutting off the top of the fruit. The removed tip should be about 1 cm long. Throw it away with the peelings in the bio garbage can.

Cut peeled bananas into two-centimeter pieces and portion into bags. The bags should be quite thick, preferably those designed for frozen foods. Each bag should have tiny holes so that air can reach the fruit.

Put bananas in bags into the freezer. This way freeze bananas. They will always be fresh when taken out. They will be white and tasty. Can be used in smoothies, ice cream, smoothie, cake, etc.

Frozen bananas – Do bananas need to be thawed before eating?

Frozen bananas taste great unfrozen, and only blended. If you put whole bananas in the freezer (without the peel of course) you can eat them whole later like ice cream. Before freezing, it is advisable to stuff each one lengthwise on three skewer sticks joined together.

They will look nice dipped in chocolate, half in white and half in brown. To do this, melt chocolate, dip a cooled banana and coat with chocolate and quickly put in the freezer.

A banana prepared this way will taste delicious. It is used as an excellent aphrodisiac. Frozen bananas cut into small cubes can be used for an ice cream dessert as a garnish or flavoring.