How to peel pomegranate Step by step how to peel a pomegranate

How to peel a pomegranate?

The seeds of this fruit benefit the cardiovascular system, strengthen your heart and blood vessels. Thanks to its antioxidant content, it helps the body destroy free radicals that are extremely harmful to our health. Eating pomegranate you also take care of your skin, providing it with a healthy color. Red seeds have a beneficial effect on the intestines, thanks to the high content of fiber they facilitate digestion. Polyphenols contained in them are responsible for relieving inflammation in our bodies. Eating pomegranate strengthens our immunity thanks to the vitamin C. C. So it is worth adding these seeds more often to your favorite dishes, squeezing their juice or simply eating them as a healthy snack.

How to peel pomegranate?

We know several ways to peel pomegranates! The first one is to cut the fruit in half, turn it over with the seeds towards a bowl and hit the shell with a wooden spoon until all the seeds fall out. Remove the white membranes from the bowl, they have a bitter aftertaste. Enjoy!

Peeling a pomegranate – Method two

Another idea is to cut off the upper part of the fruit, the one with the stalk, in such a way as to expose its interior. The next step is to cut the fruit lengthwise in four or more lines. Just tear off the resulting particles and push out the seeds. We get rid of the membranes and we can enjoy the taste of the juicy fruit!

You can also try peeling pomegranate seeds under water. Just cut the fruit, put half of it into a bowl of water and take out the seeds with a spoon. You avoid the mess, but you also lose a lot of the healthy juice.