How to peel an avocado Simple way to peel an avocado

How to peel an avocado?

Avocado In recent years it has gained in popularity and become a major item on the shopping list of many a modern housewife. In addition to its great taste, avocados are also a very popular fruit because of the valuable nutrients they contain. It is ideal as a snack, addition to salads or main ingredient of many dietetic dishes. But how to peel avocados quickly and efficiently?

How to peel an avocado?

The ripe avocado fruit can be peeled very quickly and you don’t actually need any special tools or skills. Before peeling, you should check if the fruit is soft and ripe, otherwise peeling will not go easily and the taste will not be the best either.

A ripe avocado just needs to be cut vertically in half and opened. Pound the pit that remains in one of the halves of the fruit with a knife, turn it left or right and it will come out by itself.

Peeling an avocado

In the case of avocado baked in the oven, you can leave the peel, but remove the stone, in which place you can add eg. egg. However, if you peel the fruit, the remaining pulp should be cut into small strips, cubes or slices, depending on how you intend to use it. You can get a special device to cut avocado, then you can be sure that the particles will be perfectly even and aesthetic. Thanks to this each dish will look not only delicious but also as if it came out from under the knife of a professional chef.