How to run a year-round sale and production of ice cream

Year-round sale and production of ice cream. How to prepare for it?

Most ice cream shops that exist on the market sell ice cream only during the summer season. Year-round production and sale of ice cream, however, is not much different from seasonal. The only significant difference is that the desserts need to be sold in an air-conditioned establishment, which can be combined with confectionery services. It is also important to equip the premises with the right equipment, tools and accessories. How else to prepare for year-round ice cream sales and production?

Attractive premises is the basis

It is essential to have year-round sale and production of ice cream is to have your own premises in which to conduct business. Since in most cases customers will not be able to purchase products outside the premises, there must be seating. Inside there should be a unique atmosphere that will attract with its appearance and friendly service.

According to an employee from MK KOMI company: „In order to increase the turnover of the company, it is worth combining the ice cream parlour with the confectionery. Thanks to this, customers will visit the premises not only to eat delicious ice cream, but also to taste other sweets. Location of ice cream parlour is also important. It is best to place it in the city center, by tourist trails and major tourist attractions;.

Year-round ice cream parlor equipment

Deciding to set up a year-round ice cream parlor, you can’t forget about professional equipment, namely appliances and accessories. It is important to have plenty of reusable bowls, spoons and wafers of different sizes. The most convenient will be steel or glass vessels, which are the most elegant and will allow customers to spend more time eating their dessert.

Your ice cream parlour should also have freezer cabinets and ice cream storage. They are responsible for keeping desserts at a constant temperature, and thus prolong their shelf life. The storefronts where the ice cream will be located are also important. The purpose is to protect the desserts from heat and to display them. The display cases should be aesthetic and striking to make the products look fresh and attractive.

If you are going to sell soft ice-cream you need ice-cream scoopers. If you are going to run an ice cream parlor in the city scoop ice cream sales, We should invest in a display cabinet, which has rectangular trays in different sizes. In order to prevent the mixing of flavours, You need to allocate a separate portioner for each tray or a spatula. Depending on which of these tools you decide to use, you can form scoops or other irregular shapes. The sale of ice cream scoops can also not do without wafer racks. Thanks to them it is possible to put down the dessert so that the customer can, for example, make payment.