Can pizza dough be frozen How to properly freeze pizza dough

Can pizza dough be frozen?

Have you ever wondered Can you freeze pizza dough? If yes, we have one simple answer. YES!

Step by step for freezing pizza dough

Pizza dough can be frozen. To use it, you need to defrost it by putting it in the fridge the night before you plan to use it, and then spread it out as if it were freshly prepared. There is no need for it to rise again. The texture and final taste are not what they would be if freshly prepared, nevertheless it remains good.

The secret of freezing pizza dough

The secret of effective How to freeze pizza dough is simply to prevent the dough from reaching room temperature. Instead of taking them out and putting them on the counter to defrost, defrost them in the fridge. By thawing slowly overnight or all day in the refrigerator, yeast activity can be kept to a minimum, partly because thawing is much slower and partly because yeast activity is less at refrigerator temperature.

The dough will be ready to use when you get home from work, but – if your plans change – you can freeze it again with good results. Simply roll out the dough, if it has risen noticeably, and put it back in the freezer.

When your Frozen pizza dough is homemade, the best solution is to freeze the dough right after it rises the first time. The yeast is still working at this point, so even after thawing and rising in the refrigerator, it will not be able to overly deform the dough.

If you follow the above recommendations you can be sure that the cake will still be suitable for consumption after freezing.