Ecological packaging – why choose it Fit recipes and places.

Ecological packaging – why you should choose it?

Everyone’s decisions have an impact on the environment. Whether we are consumers or businesses offering services, we should care about the welfare of the planet. It is especially important to reduce the amount of plastic, which decomposes slowly and pollutes the oceans. Especially in the catering industry, where we use disposable packaging for sanitary reasons, it is worth taking care to use quickly decomposing materials. This reduces the impact on the environment and satisfies conscious consumers.

Environmentally friendly packaging breaks down faster

Until now we did not have a material that would provide good insulation against temperature loss and moisture penetration. Plastic was not only the most convenient but also the cheapest option. Fortunately, today technology allows us to make good ecological packaging from sugar cane and bagasse, which takes a maximum of three months to decompose. By comparison, plastic can take up to 1000 years to decompose, with harmful particles entering the ocean and being deposited in animal bodies. Its impact is felt for many years. Cane packaging is safe for the environment, while retaining the best properties of plastic. Lightweight, moisture-proof and well sealed.

Organic packets are healthier

The mere contact with plastic may allow harmful particles to enter the food. If you keep warm or hot food in a disposable container, the process speeds up. As a result, they can get into the human body. Organic packaging made from sugar cane is completely safe for health. They are perfect for keeping both cold and hot food. Customers no longer have to wonder about the quality of the meals offered, as well as their contamination by microplastics.

Using green solutions enhances a company’s reputation

Ecological packaging for gastronomy have an elegant design. Their universal design will fit perfectly in the image of any catering company. In addition, by choosing this type of containers, we communicate to customers that the state of the environment is important to us. Many people take this into account when choosing catering. When each dish has to be individually wrapped, we generate a lot of garbage every day. Customers are looking for options to minimise their impact on the environment. If a catering company rises to the challenge, it becomes trustworthy.

Global warming is a fact. The future of the planet depends on our actions. With eco-friendly packaging, we can minimize our environmental impact and improve our health. By doing so, we show our customers that we operate in a conscious and sustainable manner – and this will translate into increased interest in the company’s services. Elegantly crafted eco-friendly packaging made from sugar cane has a long shelf life of up to three months.