Training for restaurant staff – What kind of training for the catering industry

What training should be given to restaurant staff

It is customary to believe that a person working as a manager of a restaurant or premises similar to it must be characterized by above-average knowledge in the field of broadly understood gastronomy as well as regularly participate in training sessions, thanks to which he will be able to constantly improve his qualifications.

This is absolutely true…but what about the staff? Should they also undergo further training or should they consider that honing their practical skills should be their absolute priority??

In our opinion, the more talented and educated the team we work with is, the more efficient and pleasant the daily execution of customer orders and preparing the room for important events will be. It is also important to note that many companies e.g. MWM Partners, offer training sessions at affordable prices, at the same time guaranteeing that they will be conducted under the supervision of real specialists in the field, who have been dealing with catering for at least several years. What courses are particularly worth taking an interest in?

In our opinion an excellent choice for our staff will be training on issues closely related to work efficiency, change management, conducting lucrative and beneficial for the restaurant business negotiations or finally – customer service. All of them will allow the employees to acquire the necessary knowledge and key skills that will enable them to perform their tasks in accordance with the expectations of both the restaurant owners and the consumers, thus positively influencing the perception of the business. As we know, this is extremely important in the business, because a good reputation directly translates into the number of guests visiting the restaurant every day, and thus – the generated revenue.

Additional trainings can also be attended by the manager himself/herself, who will learn how to manage subordinates in a more efficient way, give periodic appraisals, or observe health and safety rules on the premises. In many cases training sessions are additionally developed only after an individual meeting with interested persons, which allows experts to prepare a program perfectly tailored to their expectations, removing from it points and issues that are completely useless in a given industry, and putting more emphasis on issues crucial for employees and managers of gastronomic premises.

At the same time, it is worth quoting an old but still very true statement that unused knowledge quickly evaporates. It is recommended that trainings are conducted quite regularly, preferably every few months, so that the staff will be able to refresh themselves on more important issues and work on skills that are still not developed satisfactorily. It should also not be forgotten that such sessions are also a great opportunity for integration between employees and improving the climate in the restaurant! We encourage you to use this solution, because it brings a lot of benefits!