Fanpage for restaurants – how to run it Valuable tips, advice

Fanpage for restaurants – how to run it?

The Internet is a powerful medium nowadays. In a few moments it allows us to reach hundreds of thousands, and maybe millions of people around the world. Facebook, which is currently the leader in the social media industry allows us to run a page about our hobbies, celebrities or business and it is on the latter that I will focus. Catering despite the huge competition is very popular among businessmen. It is not enough just good food, it is also important marketing and to reach the customer. If we want to effectively attract people to our premises we should run a website of our restaurant.

Restaurant on Facebook

At the beginning it is important that the name is the same on the internet and in the real world – customers will find us easier this way. It would also be good to add a logo or some kind of mark with which our place is associated. If we have it done and it looks professional it is already half the success and at the start we are ahead of the restaurants without it. Then it is important to contact the customer. We should add posts regularly, a good idea is a short note plus a photo 3-4 times a week. Photos should be aesthetically pleasing. If we take a photo of food, let’s do it aesthetically, not on a smashed, dirty plate, everything should be clean and neat.

Interaction with customers on Facebook

It is also worth responding to people’s comments and questions, it creates an atmosphere of a bond between the customer and the establishment and such a person feels that it is not run by a heartless individual. To encourage people to visit our site, can make for example flyers with our Facebook and leave them in the premises, encourage customers to evaluate, it all works in our favor. Contests, promotions only for people who like our fanpage is also a good idea to attract new observers. In the posts we can write about the nutritional value of our dishes, the attractions in the place or even we can post recipes for food. By maintaining an interesting profile in social media we are able to attract new customers and thus increase the turnover of our business. To promote our site we can also create sponsored posts so that our entry can reach people who previously had no idea of the existence of our restaurant.

Facebook account management course

If you are planning to start activity of your restaurant on Facebook and do not know where to start, certainly the e-book Facebook for business – basics is worth attention. You will learn how to effectively communicate with your audience through social media and how to run a fanpage to achieve success.