How to Peel a Pumpkin Step by Step

How to peel a pumpkin?

Pumpkin is a vegetable (though considered a fruit by some botanists) that is typically autumnal. It can be used to prepare a whole range of dishes – from cream soups, various salads even to cakes or preserves. Most of these delicacies require using peeled pumpkin – although not every species needs to be peeled. How to peel a pumpkin and which do not need to be peeled at all?

Peeling the pumpkin

Due to the variety of species, each type of pumpkin is suitable for something else. If you need a floury pumpkin, good for pastes and soups, a Hokkaido pumpkin is an ideal choice – just cut it in half or in smaller pieces, de-seed it with a spoon and put it in the oven with a splash of olive oil. After roasting, the skin will be as soft as the rest of the pumpkin.

And how to peel a pumpkin, which must be peeled because it is very hard?

  • Before cutting into it, cut off the hard green stalk
  • Cut the pumpkin in half with a very sharp knife, but be very careful as it is very likely to slip through the skin
  • you have to scoop out the seeds with a spoon – you can dry them and then scoop them out and use them e.g. For bread or feeding birds
  • You can divide the flesh of the pumpkin into even smaller pieces and then slice off a thin layer of skin – preferably with a potato peeler

The pulp prepared in this way is ready for further processing. It can be sliced, grated, chopped, cooked and whatever else your heart desires to use the rich flavor and nutrients in pumpkin in your dishes.