Can curd be frozen How to properly freeze curd

Can curd be frozen?

Have you ever wondered what to do with unused curd cheese?? You bought too much to bake a cheesecake? Find out how to freeze cottage cheese.

Frozen cottage cheese – tips

If you have answered yes at least once, then this invaluable tip is just for you. Freezing is one way to store food, including white curd. This is how we prevent wastage of products. You can also freeze food that is nearing the end of its expiry date to extend its shelf life. If you have a large piece of cheese left over, it is best to divide it into smaller pieces and put them into packages intended for freezing. Both containers and plastic bags are available for sale. Some have convenient closures, such as zipper closures. Don’t forget to write on the package what it contains and the date it was placed in the freezer.

How to defrost cottage cheese?

When thawing cottage cheese more water may be produced than from other defrosted products. Frozen curd can be warmed in a strainer. However, the best solution is gradual defrosting in the refrigerator, where the package with cottage cheese is placed in a bowl or other container. If you find that the cheese has lumps that it didn’t have before the whole process, it means that it was frozen, it was at too low a temperature. Do not use any of the well-known methods for speeding up the thawing process with cottage cheese. Remember! Do not refreeze thawed product! Otherwise, the cheese will not only lose its flavor, but may also spoil.

White curd should not be stored for more than two months in the freezer.