Which dog food to choose Fit recipes and places.

Which dog food to choose?

Many of us with four-legged friends want to make sure they are well looked after. We want the best conditions for our dogs, we choose the best veterinary care, choose the most beautiful, in our opinion, names for the dog. It is important to remember that this care also includes providing appropriate food. Why this is so important? We need to know that the dog is a carnivore, whose diet is based mainly on meat. Another important point is that his body absorbs grains poorly. For this reason, it is good to know what to give your dog. The best way to feed your dog is the so-called BARF or biologically equivalent raw diet. If you decide to cook your dog yourself, providing him with well-balanced food, you will definitely see an improvement in his appearance as well as his energy. We must remember, however, that before proceeding with this method we must read well about it in order to perfectly match the diet to our dog. When it comes to regular food, in good price and quality recommended are: Brit Care, Purizon, Countryside Farm, Alpha Spirit. The foods listed here have a high meat content, are grain-free and have well-balanced portions of vegetables and fruit. They also often have salmon oil, which has a positive effect on the coat of our tail friend and has a protective role for the dog’s internal organs.

Foods that are better to avoid

The least recommended foods that we should stay away from are the most popular supermarket foods, popular companies. The food of these companies contains very small, even trace amounts of meat, cereals and many flavorings that play the role of making a dog dependent on a given food. This makes many owners happy that their dog eats these foods without knowing how harmful they are to the dog. This kind of food will sooner or later affect the pocket of the owner of the four-legged dog, when he will require veterinary care due to the kidneys or liver, which simply by such food works worse and worse. The above-mentioned cheap foods can be compared to our fast food, which as we well know are not good for the body.