Atwe desserts, or ideas for instant cakes, muffins and tarts! Fit recipes and locations.

Easy desserts or ideas for instant cakes, muffins and tarts!

Dessert in the form of cake, cookies or pudding is the perfect opportunity to give yourself a moment of pleasure during the day. Interestingly, preparing the dessert does not have to be difficult or time consuming. How to prepare quick and easy desserts and enjoy them every day?

Desserts can take the form of more or less complex cakes, as well as cookies, pancakes, omelettes or tarts. It is worth remembering that many of them can be prepared in an express time. Explore the best ideas!

Easy and quick desserts

Among the quick and easy desserts are Yogurt cake prepared with flour, oil and yogurt. It can be modified and varied in many ways, e.g. by adding fruit such as apples, plums or blueberries.

Among recipes for instant cakes there is also something for chocolate lovers. For an express chocolate cake you need only a few basic ingredients, which you just mix and put in the oven.

Loose cakes are also an interesting idea for a quick dessert, as they do not require whisking or kneading. Such a cake is for example. apple pie.

Quick recipe for an unusual dessert

Quick desserts also include layer cakes, almond or oat cakes. Gluten-free almond cake is made with eggs, sugar, almond flour and prunes. The cake has a delicious, aromatic taste, and is prepared in a few dozen minutes. Prunes can be substituted for other fruits – e.g. raspberries.

Also unique in taste are these vegan chocolate chili cookies. They are perfect with coffee or tea on an autumn afternoon. Cookies are made from wheat flour, cane sugar, dark chocolate, coconut oil, soy drink, baking powder and a pinch of chilli. They take only 20 minutes to bake so you can prepare dessert in just 40 minutes.

Tarts are also a great idea. The bottom of the tart is made of crumbled cookies, melted butter and, if you want a chocolate cake, cocoa. The filling is no less complicated. A great addition to this recipe is dark chocolate melted in 30% cream, i.e. chocolate ganache. Tart can also be filled with mascarpone cream and topped with your favorite fruit, such as lemon, pear, and pears. Grapes, sour peaches, strawberries or kiwi.

Some desserts can even be prepared… in 5 minutes! These are cakes from a cup. Simply mix together flour, sugar and baking powder, then add egg, milk, melted butter and fruit, nuts or chocolate pieces!

Muffins are also a quick and easy dessert. Loved not only by children but also adults – in vanilla, chocolate or banana versions – a delicious snack during the day!