Which coffee for the filter coffee maker Fit recipes and locations.

Which coffee for the filter coffee maker?

The popularity of coffee drinking in Poland is constantly growing. Of the many alternative brewing methods, many people still choose the filter coffee maker. Ease of preparation, affordability and the ability to prepare larger quantities of coffee are the biggest pluses. But which coffee to choose for the filter coffee maker? You will find the answer in this article.

How a filter coffee maker works?

A drip coffee maker works by slowly pouring hot water over coffee that has been placed on a filter. To obtain an aromatic beverage, the coffee must be poured in the right place, and water must also be poured into the hopper. In a filter coffee maker, the heated water, due to the pressure created, flows through a pipe into a container above. The water then enters the coffee filter and the brew is poured into a pot set below. The coffee is brewed in the filter and the whole process takes a maximum of 5 minutes.

The popularity of the drip coffee maker is so great for several reasons. First of all, coffee from a drip coffee maker is completely free of grounds. We can also prepare a larger amount of drink for several people. Thanks to the plate that heats the pot into which the filter coffee is poured, we do not have to drink it immediately after the brewing process of the filter coffee maker is over.

Which coffee to choose for the filter coffee maker?

Coffee for the filter coffee maker must be ground. But how to choose the right beans so that the coffee meets all our requirements? Which beans to choose for the overflow? The coffee should be selected to obtain the best possible drink. Above all, it is not advisable to choose Italian-style coffees. These are dark roasted beans which, during the whole coffee pouring process, will make the drink come out bitter, without depth of flavor and not very expressive.

For this reason, it is best to choose light roast coffee for a filter coffee maker. Its lower intensity allows you to enjoy the full bouquet of flavors and aromas of freshly made coffee. As for the country of origin of the beans, the most recommended are those from South America (Brazil or Peru) and Africa (Ethiopia, Uganda or Kenya). You should also consider buying beans from Guatemala or Nicaragua. Also available are carefully selected blends especially for pour-over machines. This blend provides high sweetness and medium acidity. Drinking this mix, you can smell the pleasant aromas of spices and dried fruit compote.

Grinding coffee for the pour-over machine

Use ground coffee beans to make coffee from a filter coffee maker. However, to get the best coffee, the grinding process should be done right before the coffee is brewed. The grinding itself can be done either with a manual coffee grinder or its electric counterpart. Uno Espresso Coffee Shop offers both types of high quality grinders.

When grinding, it is important to take note of the thickness of the ground coffee. Due to the long contact of coffee grains with water during extraction, the beans should be ground relatively coarsely. You will avoid a bitter and unpalatable drink because coarsely ground beans will take longer to release their aroma and flavor.