Can mushrooms be frozen How to properly freeze mushrooms

Can you freeze mushrooms?

Mushrooms, can you freeze them? Many of us ask ourselves this question while preparing various dishes with their addition or preparing stocks for the winter. The answer is simple – yes you can, and it’s worth it to always have them on hand, because mushrooms make the perfect addition to dinner dishes or other popular snacks, such as casseroles. It is from these inconspicuous mushrooms that we can conjure up both aromatic sauces for meat and nutritious stuffings for dumplings or croquettes. So how to properly freeze mushrooms, so that you can later use them to prepare your favourite dishes without worry?

Freezing mushrooms: Wash and peel

First, fresh mushrooms should be thoroughly washed – under cold running water and then gently dried e.g. on a paper towel to remove excess water. If you do not drain the mushrooms well, after defrosting they will have a “rubbery texture”. Once you’ve removed the soil and other impurities, peel the mushrooms. Check carefully if any of the pieces are rotten (throw away mouldy ones).

Frozen mushrooms: pack – whole or cut

Raw mushrooms can be frozen either whole or cut (e.g. It all depends on the dish you are going to add them to. If you decide to do the first option, make sure that each of the mushrooms are similar in size – it is best to choose smaller ones. We pack the mushrooms in special foil bags intended for freezing food or plastic containers. Portions should be small, preferably disposable and evenly distributed in the freezer. We can also freeze mushrooms that have been previously cooked – blanched or fried. Just remember to cool them down well before you put them in a bag or container.

Frozen Mushrooms: How to Store

Store frozen mushrooms at -18°C. And don’t forget to label them with the freezing date on the package. Sources say that mushrooms can be stored in the home freezer ok. 3-6 months, although there are those who advise not to delay their use and consume them within a month.