Can chives be frozen How to freeze chives

Can you freeze chives?

Can chives be frozen?? Freezing is a great way to keep food fresher for longer. However, not everyone knows what actually can be frozen and how to do it. One of the products that are always worth having in your kitchen is chives. Fortunately, chives are very suitable for freezing, so that they keep their taste, color and properties for a long time. Sometimes you buy a bunch that’s too big, or you simply don’t have time to use it all up – then you just need to follow the steps below to not waste food and to enjoy vitamins in the form of green chives for longer. It is also worth making a stock in season, when the aroma of this product is the strongest, to have it in abundance during the winter months.

How to freeze chives?

Wash the chives well in advance and then dry them thoroughly. To do this, you can leave it to dry naturally, or – if you are in a hurry – get rid of excess water with a paper towel. This will ensure that the chives will be free-flowing after freezing, rather than being compacted into a lump of ice. Then chop the chives as usual and place in a small jar, plastic container or simply in a bag. Frozen in this form it is very easy to use, because you can take out of the freezer exactly as much as you need and then put the rest back in. By having individual pieces, it is ready to sprinkle on sandwiches or scrambled eggs. In this form it defrosts very quickly and its taste and aroma does not differ from fresh.

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