In a pizzeria, you will find pizzas with different flavors – Fit recipes and places.

In a pizzeria you will find pizzas with different flavors

Pizza is a dish that many people could eat even every day. Americans often treat pizza as a snack during the day. The record for eating the most pizza, however, belongs to the Norwegians, who annually eat more than 5 kilograms of pizza per person. Pizza is also popular because you can choose from a wide variety of flavors.

Where the pizza comes from?

The history of pizza dates back to ancient times. In ancient Rome, people ate wheat cakes rubbed with herbs and cheese, which were called focaccia. The name pizza appears for the first time in a written document from 977 – exactly it was written piza. The name itself is juxtaposed with various terms that specify what a given pizza is.

The most popular margherita

The most basic and well-known pizza is the margherita pizza. It was named after Margaret of Savoy – the Italian queen. Rafael Esposito prepared for her visit a pizza with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil, which in its colors referred to the Italian colors. This pizza is still very popular and is chosen by many people.

Hawaiian pizza, not from Hawaii

An interesting, albeit for some controversial type of pizza is Hawaiian pizza. On a wheat cake you will find yellow cheese, pineapple and ham. Combination of meat with fruit is nothing strange and is also present in the Polish cuisine, for example in stuffed meats, but not everyone will like Hawaiian pizza. As a curiosity it can be noted that the Hawaiian pizza was not created in Hawaii, but the combination was invented in Canada.

Pizza marinara for sailors

Pizza marinara accompanied sailors on a cruise. Its composition is so simple that they could enjoy the taste of pizza without the need for various additives. This pizza contains only tomato sauce, fresh garlic and dried oregano.

A good pizzeria in Wroclaw does not limit itself to the basic flavours of pizza, but also creates its own ideas for pizza, which will attract its originality.