Vacation by the sea. How to prepare Fit recipes and places.

Vacation by the sea. How to prepare?

We all associate holiday travel with carefree, joy and time spent together with our loved ones. We love to travel, explore new places, enjoy the beauty of nature and monuments. This year we are not likely to go abroad. Many people will decide to vacation in Poland, and most Poles will go to the sea. No wonder. Sandy beaches, sea waves and immortal waffles on the boulevards – this is what a real family vacation is all about. But before we go on it, let’s prepare well for this trip. So that nothing surprises us on the spot.

Where to go?

The first thing we should do when planning a vacation is to choose the right location. If you already know that you want to spend the summer by the sea, think about which place will be best. We can choose crowded resorts – Tri-City, Władysławowo or Chałupy or less crowded, more intimate places, where we will be able to enjoy the peace and quiet, almost empty beaches and beautiful sunsets with a partner. Everyone has different tastes and needs. Some prefer noisy Mielno, others quiet Sasino. Looking for the perfect place for yourself, be sure to check out the reviews of other tourists about it. So as not to end up in places we didn’t want to end up in.

When to go on vacation?

Once you have planned the place, it’s time for the date. Peak season falls on the period July-August. This is the time when families with school-age children travel. Then tourists will be by far the most, the prices will be the highest – both in hotels, restaurants and on the beaches. If you want to save a little money, plan your trip for September. The school year will have already started, so we will avoid crowds in parks, at the seaside and in eating establishments. What is important – prices will also go down. Lower season means definitely lower travel costs. A treat for the thrifty!

Holiday first aid kit

It is also very important to pack properly for a vacation. In addition to the traditional elements of a holiday suitcase, i.e. clothes, shoes and cosmetics, we should also equip ourselves with a first-aid kit with basic medicines and hygiene products. Of course disinfection gel will come in handy – especially today, in the era of epidemics. Let’s pack plasters and bandages and a remedy for wounds. Cuts, abrasions and burns often happen on vacation. Don’t forget painkillers, sunscreen, electrolytes and diarrhea medicine. If you’re not going to be able to get out of the house, it’s time to get out of the house. If you have a cut or abrasion, try to heal the wound yourself. But when you notice that there is no improvement – go to the doctor. You can never be too careful. So that the vacations are a delightful, carefree time that we will remember for months to come.

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