Can the cabbage rolls be frozen How to properly freeze and thaw cabbage rolls

Can you freeze stuffed cabbage rolls?

As it is commonly known stuffed cabbage This is a very delicious dish, which very often guest on the tables in Polish homes. There is probably no person who does not like tasty stuffed cabbage rolls, but what to do in a situation when we make too many cabbage rolls and do not want them to go to waste? The answer is: FREEZING! Can cabbage rolls be frozen? How to do it properly?

Can stuffed cabbage rolls be frozen??

Once you know that the stuffed cabbage leaves can be frozen without any problems, It’s worth considering in what form you can do this. You can freeze both ready cabbage rolls, cabbage rolls dipped in sauce, as well as the sauce itself or previously prepared stuffing.

How to freeze stuffed cabbage rolls

Sauce: When freezing cabbage rolls sauce, put it in a container and put it in the freezer.
Stuffing: before storing in the freezer, it is best to divide the stuffing into several smaller portions.
Cabbage leaves: If you want to freeze just the leaves, you should cook them slightly, put them in a food wrap or baking paper and then put them in the freezer.
Prepared veggies: lightly cooked, preferably also pre-dipped in sauce, wrap in aluminum foil each piece separately.
Raw stuffed cabbage rolls: You can also freeze stuffed cabbage rolls that have been prepared but not yet cooked.

Thawing the veggies

If we come to the desire to eat cabbage rolls and they are in our freezer, there are several ways to properly defrost them. This can be done by using a pan or a pot (applies to frozen cabbage rolls with the sauce), you just need to put them as they are and set on low heat under the cover, or microwave (the cabbage rolls should be half submerged in a bowl of water). When defrosting, you can also use oven, then place the rolls in an ovenproof dish, or place them on an oiled baking tray.