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Everything you need to know about EMS training

EMS training (Electrical Miscle Stimulation) consists of physical exercises during which our muscles are additionally subjected to electrostimulation. Most people who are on EMS training for the first time in Bodybar studio in Mokotów ask what is the purpose of subjecting muscles to electrostimulation?

Well, we often forget that muscles need stimuli to activate. During conventional exercise, muscle activation is triggered via the central nervous system. With EMS training, our muscles are additionally stimulated externally, which naturally increases the effectiveness of muscle activation in our body and increases precision, which is important in customizing training for individual exercisers.

How it works in practice?

In practice, all exercises are performed in a special vest, equipped with electrodes that stimulate externally 9 muscle parts simultaneously.

Before starting an EMS training in Mokotów at Studio Bodybar, a personal trainer always has a detailed conversation with a person exercising about their training goals. Depending on individual needs, certain muscle parts are subjected to stronger or weaker impulses – as expected. The trainer also adjusts the frequency of impulses depending on the advancement of the person exercising. The trainer leading the workout makes sure that the strength of the pulse on each part is appropriate.

The impulses generated during an EMS workout are analogous to the impulses sent out by the central nervous system, so they are completely harmless, safe and very importantly, painless.

The most important advantages of EMS training

Short training time and high efficiency

In Bodybar studio in Mokotów EMS training lasts only 30 minutes and consists of 3 parts: strength training approx. 20 min, cardio workout (in tabata farm) approx. 5 min and relax ok. 5 min. Because we stimulate deep muscles from 1 second of training, and thanks to the vest with placed electrodes we stimulate 9 parts of the muscles at the same time, this training is very effective. EMS training stimulates on average 150 times more muscle contractions than conventional training. During EMS training you can burn up to 1200 kcal.

Simple exercise and no strain on the joints

Exercises ordered by a personal trainer during EMS training are usually easy to perform, because there is no need to select sophisticated exercises during EMS training. These include squats, lunges, push-ups, sit-ups or boxing runs during tabata.

Unlike regular weight training, EMS training does not put extra stress on your joints and with the support of a trainer can be done even after an injury or even with joint pain.

So what effects should we expect when exercising regularly ESM?

Customers of Bodybar Studio in Mokotow, Poland, who regularly do EMS training (at least 2 times a week), notice the first effects after only 4-6 weeks. Results depend on what goals you have set with your personal trainer and what you want.

As a rule, most people who exercise will notice an improvement in their skin – its firmness – after the first 2-3 trainings. Women often notice a reduction in cellulite as a side effect of training.